Insights from Today's Client Session

During continued sessions with my clients over Zoom, I really enjoy witnessing their change in terms of shifting their energy. It's not just a momentary thing; I can sense it in the daily email exchanges as well.

By processing numerous incidents, allowing emotions to fluctuate, and understanding the law of the Universe, practicing mindfulness day and night, they have been able to make huge shifts. I deeply respect my clients for that ♡

Of course, shifting in the short term is challenging in many ways. It feels discouraging, and there are times when they just want to give up.

But the motivation behind it is, "I don't want to go back there anymore! I don't want those painful days."

It's more of a mental struggle than a physical one. Despite seemingly having everything, there's a lack of joy in the heart.

True joy doesn't arise in these situations.

Then where does that "happiness" or "joy" come from? It's already within you since birth, so let's become aware of it!

The seeds of your desires that you've sown will grow abundantly if nurtured well, yielding plenty of tomatoes, corn, and so on. But you're digging up the ground, crying out, "Nothing's sprouting! It's not coming true! It's hopeless!"

From the perspective of the universe, that's laughable, as Abraham Hicks would say.

You're already abundant, and since the seeds will sprout properly, sometimes it's okay to just leave them be. Water them, pull out weeds, take necessary actions. But there are also times when you don't need to do much.

This morning, we had an exciting discussion about the direction after the shift. As for the future, you can leave it to the universe or make your wishes clear.

In other words, it's good to be in receiving mode and receive, and it's also fulfilling and enjoyable to be guided and take action.

For myself, I want to balance both of those. The receiving part for me is going well, and I'm currently receiving various delightful surprises unexpectedly in the early spring ♡